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1 the act or process of complicating
2 a situation or condition that is complex or confused; "her coming was a serious complication"
3 any disease or disorder that occurs during the course of (or because of) another disease; "bed sores are a common complication in cases of paralysis"
4 a development that complicates a situation; "the court's decision had many unforeseen ramifications" [syn: ramification]
5 puzzling complexity [syn: complicatedness, knottiness]

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From complicare.



  1. The act or process of complicating; the state of being complicated; intricate or confused relation of parts; entanglement; complexity.
  2. A person who doesn't fit in with the main scheme of things; an interloper; someone you need to placate.
  3. A disease or diseases, or adventitious circumstances or conditions, coexistent with and modifying a primary disease, but not necessarily connected with it.
  4. A feature beyond basic time display in a timepiece.


act of complicating
a disease


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From complicatio.


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Several fields refer to complications:
  • Complication (medicine) - an infrequent and unfavorable evolution of a disease, a health condition or a medical treatment
  • Complication (horology) - a special feature in a mechanical clock that causes the design of the movement to become more complicated
  • "Complication", the seventh track off of the second disc of the double album release The Fragile by industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails.
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abnormality, abstruseness, action, acute disease, affection, affliction, ailment, allergic disease, allergy, anagnorisis, angle, architectonics, architecture, arduousness, argument, atmosphere, atrophy, background, bacterial disease, bind, birth defect, blight, bothersomeness, burdensomeness, cardiovascular disease, catastrophe, characterization, chronic disease, circulatory disease, clutch, color, complaint, complexity, complexness, condition, congenital defect, continuity, contrivance, convolution, crabbedness, crampedness, crunch, deepness, defect, deficiency disease, deformity, degenerative disease, denouement, design, development, device, difficultness, difficulty, dilemma, disability, disease, disorder, distemper, drawback, embarrassing position, embarrassment, endemic, endemic disease, endocrine disease, entanglement, epidemic disease, episode, esoterica, fable, falling action, fine how-do-you-do, functional disease, fungus disease, gastrointestinal disease, genetic disease, gimmick, hairiness, handicap, hardness, hell to pay, hereditary disease, hobble, hot water, how-do-you-do, iatrogenic disease, illness, imbroglio, incident, indisposition, infectious disease, infirmity, intricacy, intricateness, involution, involvement, jam, knottiness, laboriousness, line, local color, malady, malaise, mess, mix, mood, morass, morbidity, morbus, motif, movement, muscular disease, mythos, neurological disease, nutritional disease, obstacle, obstruction, occupational disease, onerousness, oppressiveness, organic disease, pandemic disease, parlous straits, pass, pathological condition, pathology, peripeteia, perplexity, pickle, pinch, plan, plant disease, plight, plot, predicament, pretty pass, pretty pickle, pretty predicament, problem, profoundness, profundity, protozoan disease, psychosomatic disease, quagmire, quicksand, ramification, recognition, reconditeness, respiratory disease, rigor, rigorousness, rising action, rockiness, ruggedness, scheme, scrape, secondary disease, secondary plot, seediness, sickishness, sickness, signs, slant, slough, snag, spot, squeeze, stew, sticky wicket, story, strait, straits, strenuousness, structure, subject, subplot, subtlety, swamp, switch, symptomatology, symptomology, symptoms, syndrome, tanglement, technicality, the pip, thematic development, theme, tight spot, tight squeeze, tightrope, toilsomeness, tone, topic, toughness, tricky spot, troublesomeness, twist, unholy mess, urogenital disease, virus disease, wasting disease, worm disease
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